The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with B.
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Crossword Answers for "Phil is bitter"

Added on Saturday, May 5, 2018

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  1. Blithespirit
    1. No ___
    2. Cheerful enthusiasm imparted to wartime play
    3. The master's gin, for instance, from north sea port, say
    4. Play by noel coward
    5. Polite british lack nothing in comedy play
    6. Bishop, agile soul, in play


  1. Beer darker than bitter - not bitter
  2. Ancient punishment, one bitter to swallow, or finally deadly
  3. Bitter criticism - i'd bear it somehow
  4. Bitter-tasting herb
  5. Bitter verbal attack
  6. Bitter orange liqueur
  7. Under terrible strain, fellow is bitter
  8. Bitter drinks
  9. Sell when one’s expected to maintain tense and bitter disagreement
  10. Support leader in bitter contest
  11. August - that isn't bitter, on the contrary
  12. Go after success, being bitter
  13. Dregs of bitter in barrels goes sour
  14. Dried bitter juice
  15. See about translation of bitter words in opera
  16. Bitter resentment
  17. Bitter-___ (die-hard)
  18. Approach bar, wanting last bitter
  19. Middlesex inhabitant possibly bitter about the old railway company
  20. Bitter untruth?


  1. Organised church spread
  2. Oriental cooking? thatd be telling!
  3. Ornament for displaying flowers, jan ? that is organised
  4. Ought to replace lead in unplanned western
  5. Outcry about "love in paris"
  6. Organ cut by doctor whos not yet qualified
  7. Others work squeezing edward’s organ part
  8. Outgoing type of regular mermaid girl, eh?