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  1. Wodehouse's wooster
  2. Valet in p. g. wodehouse stories
  3. The p of p. g. wodehouse
  4. Wodehouse drones' club member with a silent p
  5. There are two in wodehouse's jeeves in the offing; and one in uncle fred in the springtime
  6. Prize pig, the empress of — (p.g. wodehouse)
  7. Wodehouse penning song - insubstantial source of amusement
  8. A biblical city seen by a wodehouse aunt
  9. Lord emsworth's castle (p g wodehouse)
  10. Fictional character created by pg wodehouse
  11. Wodehouse relative made seasonal appearance
  12. Henry ---, pm; --- g. wodehouse
  13. Fearsome aunt in stories by p. g. wodehouse
  14. Wodehouse's proposal for a plan to steal a necklace (5, 2, 2, 6)
  15. Jeeves' boss in wodehouse stories
  16. "he was white and shaken, like __ martini": wodehouse
  17. With 24-across, 1962 p. g. wodehouse book
  18. Character in the short stories and novels of p.g. wodehouse
  19. Wodehouse character abused this mp
  20. Temperamental french chef, a p. g. wodehouse character


  1. Medic, female, penning article in a brown study
  2. Mean to temper disc of steel
  3. Means to communicate in period without company
  4. Messy bed vacated, case dismissed
  5. Mean to get rid of book, being irritable
  6. Message admitting king made up place of worship
  7. Member of one of the four mendicant orders
  8. Measurer of depth, thus submerged by a nymph