The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with T.
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Added on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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  1. Theban
    1. Native of one ancient greek or egyptian city
    2. Oedipus, for one
    3. The general pelopidas, fo
    4. Spartan's foe
    5. Article written to outlaw ancient greek
    6. Ancient citizen entertaining governor in west end bar


  1. Native of one ancient greek or egyptian city
  2. Ancient greek (or egyptian) city
  3. Ancient egyptian or greek city
  4. Greek name for ancient egyptian king khufu
  5. 2000 winner of best musical show album (egyptian or non-egyptian)
  6. Greek poet; he wrote about the ancient greek games
  7. Egyptian god dispatĀ­ched very big greek goddess
  8. Actors in greek drama about egyptian god
  9. Greek deity in egyptian port set up
  10. Looking back, agm admits egyptian leader finds nothing in last greek letter
  11. Egyptian god joining a greek character for a second time
  12. A greek character twice identifying an egyptian god
  13. Greek astronomer; greco-egyptian ruler
  14. 'the outlaw' - a greek or egyptian citizen
  15. Greek letter, a couple of pages in the spirit of an egyptian
  16. Set of gods, e g in greek or egyptian mythology
  17. Nab the person from the ancient greek city
  18. Ancient egyptian ruler
  19. Ancient egyptian king
  20. Source of stone used to build the ancient egyptian pyramids


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