The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with U.
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Crossword Answers for "Perhaps one might raise this fifty-one feet"

Added on Thursday, August 9, 2018

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  1. Uplift
    1. Raising pitiful bum after i left
    2. To boost morale
    3. Will this get you fifty-one feet higher?
    4. Raise morally or spiritually
    5. Act of raising
    6. Morally raise higher, 51 feet


  1. Were this fifty-fifty one might have the ability to slip along on it
  2. It might seem that this is about fifty-fifty - well, it's not
  3. Add fifty-one to one-and-fifty. 100? it is not right!
  4. In one 17 across it's fifty-fifty that one may not do things 27 down
  5. Well, one is not with this; one gets fifty fifty
  6. Raise it fifty-one feet
  7. Raise this higher by fifty-one feet
  8. 1958 hit song that begins “im a-gonna raise a fuss im a-gonna raise a holler”
  9. A raise may raise it
  10. Though one might start to make 3 down, one might also halt, following fifty
  11. Was it fifty-fifty that one allowed oneself to be negligent during the duel?
  12. That's fifty-fifty in instead of being put in one's place
  13. O, it's fifty-fifty if this may make one sneeze in the enclosure
  14. This is about fifty-fifty enough to make one sick
  15. Oh, fifty-fifty in a cage makes one so stuck-up
  16. It's fifty-fifty for one to be in this for damages
  17. Make one eat about fifty-fifty, it will have got you down
  18. Does one get to be fifty-fifty like this? well, no
  19. Does one get fifty-fifty? well, no
  20. Is that how one gets around a round fifty-fifty with nothing in it?


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