The answer to this crossword puzzle is 3 letters long and begins with T.
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Crossword Answers for "Perfect score in strictly come dancing"

Added on Tuesday, January 18, 2022


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  1. Ten
    1. Perfect diving score
    2. Base ___
    3. Number of world series rings for yogi berra as a player
    4. X
    5. Time to play taps
    6. When taps is played


  1. Goodman who serves as head judge on both 'dancing with the stars' and its fancy u.k. counterpart, 'strictly come dancing'
  2. Airer of strictly come dancing the precursor to americas dancing with the stars
  3. Perfect score, or half of a score
  4. Half a score … or a perfect score
  5. Score and score and score
  6. Co-presenter, since 2004, of strictly come dancing
  7. Top coverage for 'strictly come dancing'?
  8. Mr du beke, strictly come dancing professional
  9. Mr tonioli, strictly come dancing judge
  10. Study of reactions here? strictly come dancing
  11. Debbie former ballet dancer; 2017 strictly come dancing finalist
  12. Jodie — supermodel and racing car driver; contestant on 2008 bbc tv series strictly come dancing
  13. Darcey british ballerina; judge on bbc tv show strictly come dancing
  14. Judge on bbcs strictly come dancing (2004-2016)
  15. Former judge on strictly come dancing bruno
  16. Strictly following rules, lad loses heart with six tricks that don't score
  17. Dancing man in "dancing l
  18. There's nothing in males dancing for her, dancing with veils
  19. A dancing bear a russian leader dismissed from square dancing position
  20. Dancing man in 'dancing lady'


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