The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Pen name of samuel langhorne clemens, d. 1910)"

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  1. Twain
    1. I want to change old couple
    2. One author, or two
    3. Heads for the early afternoon refreshment
    4. Ultimate in american wit, a funny author
    5. Mark two now quite outdated
    6. Two of the same kind


  1. Samuel langhorne ___
  2. Finn's samuel langhorne
  3. Mark __, pseudonym of samuel l clemens
  4. Metalloid discovered by chemist clemens winkler
  5. Clemens familiarly
  6. 'mr. clemens and mark twain' author justin
  7. Maris or clemens
  8. Clemens' private eye?
  9. Roger clemens, notably
  10. Slugger who hit his first home run off clemens
  11. Stat for roger clemens
  12. Clemens pseudonym
  13. Clemens version of hard times?
  14. Clemens and coleridge
  15. Roger clemens, for one
  16. Pitcher clemens
  17. “the ransom of red chief” writer, 1910
  18. Model m car of the 1910's
  19. Involved in battle, kremlin revolutionary of 1910
  20. Youth org. since 1910


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