The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S.
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Below you will find the correct answer to Paul , or Peter Baldwin, killer in The Fall Crossword Clue, if you need more help finishing your crossword continue your navigation and try our search function.

Crossword Answers for "Paul , or peter baldwin, killer in the fall"

Added on Wednesday, January 25, 2023
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CODYCROSS Hobbies Group 1406 Puzzle 1

  1. Easter search for candies and chocolates
  2. Plaited two ropes together
  3. Son of poseidon who defeated the minotaur
  4. Last name of star wars and black swan actress
  5. Another name for a footrest
  6. Fruit cooked in syrup and drizzled on dessert
  7. Flame retardant chemical with a strong odor
  8. Dangers, problems especially while driving
  9. Kind of creature dumbledore had for a pet
  10. Australian tennis player nick with greek roots


  1. Spector
    1. Ronnie of the ronettes
    2. 'to know him is to love him' songwriter
    3. Record producer phil ____ developed the 'wall of sound' style of music production
    4. Music producer phil
    5. Phil in the rock and roll hall of fame
  2. Spector
    1. Phil __, music producer created a wall of sound


  1. He killed his father's killer, and his father's killer killed his father's killer
  2. __ baldwin youngest of the baldwin brothers
  3. He killed his father's killer, who killed his father's killer
  4. Peter of peter, paul & ma
  5. Peter of peter, paul and
  6. Peter of peter paul and mary
  7. Peter of peter and gordon
  8. 'peter, peter, pumpkin-___'
  9. Recess such as the one in st peter's basilica containing the chair of st peter
  10. Peter of peter & gordon
  11. Peter, peter's diet
  12. The first production of this 1973 peter shaffer play starred alec mccowen as dysart and peter firth as alan strang
  13. Peter of peter paul & mary
  14. With 39-across, peter peter pumpkin eater's wife's refusal?
  15. Peter — english tenor who created the role of peter quint in 1954 benjamin britten opera the turn of the screw
  16. Peter __, aka peter lear
  17. Peter peter eater, childrens nursery rhyme
  18. Peter __ of peter, paul, and mary
  19. Peter, peter, this vegetable eater
  20. Nursery rhyme, peter, peter eater


  1. Temp crazy american cut i dont know what to say
  2. Taught to use a pot
  3. Teasing talk in suburban territory
  4. Temper one shows amongst american university crowd
  5. Tavern employee
  6. Taking rest of flake back in envy, perhaps the origin of gluttony
  7. Team leader occasionally lacks a bipartisan view no
  8. Tax inherited property