CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Party political document"

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  1. Manifesto
    1. Public declaration of intent
    2. Declaration
    3. The form aims often may make
    4. Obvious hole in mission statement
    5. Public announcement of clear round
    6. Mission statement


  1. Document i turned up supporting abandoned political views
  2. Political document used by times, but not financial times
  3. Party concerning party leader in party?
  4. Legal document made and executed by one party only
  5. In english county, turned up document held by third party
  6. Symbol of teddy roosevelts political party
  7. 62-downs political party
  8. The current governing political party in ireland
  9. Israeli political party
  10. Dead-beat loyalist political party did their sums
  11. Entire political party rests on english statement
  12. Is on right in political party with no leader - its causes? chaos!
  13. Group with shared concerns within a political party
  14. Ni political party’s upset murphy
  15. Us political party
  16. Political party whose color is purple
  17. A political party with second leader to be consistent
  18. Us political party of obama clinton and jfk
  19. Offer it up perhaps to put up with political party in africa contacting spain
  20. Where to find work for political party converts?


  1. Scotsman turned locks into beds
  2. A rich cake of middle eastern origin consisting of thin layers of pastry filled with nuts and honey
  3. Throw someone out of a window
  4. Type of clinometer for surveying
  5. Reduction in value over time
  6. Summary that’s almost exact
  7. Tv series informal
  8. Concede her majesty must retire in time