CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Part of a ship just above the hold"

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  1. Lowerdeck
    1. Some flowers to beautify ratings' quarters?


  1. Beaver state city that's one of only three places in the world (with 3 down and 47 down) where circled letter group a can travel above b traveling above c traveling above d
  2. Options above "none of the above"
  3. Above true pitch; stylish
  4. Rank above maj
  5. Black key above a g
  6. Above the horizon
  7. Above, in berlin
  8. Above or below preceder
  9. ___ of the above
  10. “stars above!”
  11. Sign from above
  12. The point of church above all?
  13. Having a ph above 7
  14. Height above sea level
  15. Shakespeare character who says this above all: to thine own self be true
  16. It's a cut above
  17. Gift from above
  18. Arch above the eye
  19. Number above operador on un teléfono
  20. Ones who stand above the


  1. Strange coming from 5 down in overseas unit with a number of nationalities
  2. A wealthy jp
  3. English actress whose film roles included elizabeth i, catherine the great, and empress dowager cixi
  4. The __, 1987 novel by james ellroy
  5. Doris _; novelist and nobel prize-winner
  6. Prepared to be given a diet of cheese?
  7. Culinary plant from mali's absolutely revolutionary
  8. Cute animated penguin