The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S.
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Added on Saturday, June 18, 2022

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  1. Sinners
    1. Preachers' targets
    2. All people, according to
    3. Ones seeking redemption
    4. Penance performers
    5. Ship infiltrated by hidden evil-doers
    6. Bowlers lacking power? they don't do the right things


  1. I'm here seizing special from soho hotel that makes the old refrain from salt
  2. Figure seizing hotel involved in fund-raiser
  3. Paramilitaries with role in city state
  4. Beastly type from north africa upsets the foreign paramilitaries
  5. Regiment connected paramilitaries ¿ it's bound to save someone's neck!
  6. Mature soldier follows revolutionary paramilitaries
  7. Paramilitaries reject measure of intelligence from middle east resident
  8. Daniel goes to medic before joining paramilitaries - it's a bit flaky at the top!
  9. New head of paramilitaries admits transport is in ideal state
  10. One of those in cloakroom offering paramilitaries in germany and central ireland type of cover
  11. Grown-up revolutionary paramilitaries from the barracks
  12. Dup unsettled by revolutionary paramilitaries' reform
  13. Upsetting article on paramilitaries is common currency in nigeria
  14. Praising the foreign paramilitaries taking island
  15. Turns up old leader embraced paramilitaries and kept moving
  16. Throw a shadow over paramilitaries returning doctor and judge
  17. In my experience, one of the messages for paramilitaries is cut short
  18. Language of guy from department contacting paramilitaries up north
  19. Paramilitaries from north contact haass reportedly? there is something ferociously fishy about them!
  20. Restrain worker from initially contacting paramilitaries


  1. Resident of a middle eastern sultanate
  2. Like items at a garage sale
  3. Greek sandwich containing lamb
  4. Shoe retailer owned by amazon
  5. Heres a quarter (call someone who cares) singer travis
  6. Confident gesture after a performance
  7. Wally or edward, briefly mixed
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