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  1. Infamous prison featured in the 1969 best seller papillon
  2. Card game with variants callabra and papillon
  3. Kind of colony in "papillon"
  4. Hoffman's 'papillon' co-star
  5. Setting of ''papillon''
  6. 'papillon' star
  7. Papillon e.g.
  8. Henri __, devil's is prisoner, writer of papillon
  9. Henri, who wrote a biography called papillon


  1. Gladiator actor with a beautiful mind, __ crowe
  2. Scotch __, a northern hat and a very hot chilli
  3. Makes a noise through mouth/nose while sleeping
  4. "bet your bottom __", a us currency metaphor
  5. Christmas table decorations with a bang
  6. Goose egg is a score of zero in __
  7. Nagra actress
  8. __ and meatballs, americanized pasta dish