The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with B.
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Crossword Answers for "Paper tiger"

Added on Thursday, February 13, 2020


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  1. Baby
    1. Diaper wearer
    2. Snookums
    3. Of the newborn
    4. See 25-across
    5. Piano's working for new arrival
    6. Pebbles, e.g., on "the fl


  1. Breed of tiger second largest tiger in the world
  2. ___ the tiger (cereal tiger)
  3. Paper tiger the mafia? bunkum, all may conclude!
  4. Paper tiger, perhaps
  5. An individual paper tiger - not the original one
  6. Paper tiger, maybe
  7. Paper tiger, say
  8. Draw a tiger's head on paper
  9. Paper tiger, e.g.
  10. Size of paper shop offering source of paper
  11. A paper round with right paper wrongly delivered
  12. 'quit trying to make a paper doll by ripping the paper!'
  13. In the paper trade before metrication, a standard size of drawing paper (26 x 34in)
  14. Paper for the paper run given by oxford college
  15. Poor paper or fine paper
  16. Paper container for paper
  17. Paper __, using pulped paper to make new shapes
  18. __ paper, thick-grained quality drawing paper
  19. __ paper; thin, scrunchy colored paper for craft
  20. __ paper; very thin paper for craft


  1. Noisy disorderly behaviour
  2. Nerds language not right
  3. Not yet broken in
  4. Now and then turn out for brisk walk
  5. Note produced by opera singer on radio
  6. Note about sex and religion
  7. Not popular as one penning trendy verse?
  8. Norwegian parliament