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  1. Leonine
    1. A long time in the business of a beastly king
    2. Like a lion
    3. Strong and majestic
    4. Like some roars
    5. King of beasts
    6. Strong and proud


  1. Groom, before reaching conclusion, not reaching conclusion
  2. Old papal state and papal law wanting cancan to get round of applause
  3. Law expert who performs timidly, not reaching conclusion?
  4. Member reaching a conclusion? likely story!
  5. Never reaching a conclusion
  6. Reaching no conclusion, like two getting upset and separating
  7. Still happening, not reaching a conclusion
  8. Reaching an ultimate conclusion
  9. Maximum fantasy author not reaching conclusion
  10. Please speculate about what i reckon, without reaching a conclusion
  11. A hearing not reaching conclusion in roman courts
  12. Makes claims in convoluted legalese without reaching conclusion
  13. Pondered without reaching conclusion, however
  14. Shrivel up when parliamentary representative initially lances troublesome ulcer
  15. Reach a conclusion by assuming one's conclusion is true
  16. Order the artist to turn back before reaching mountain
  17. One member in king's arms initially before reaching the french capital!
  18. If the order was not in order this was done in order to change it
  19. Acclamation of unusual papal custom
  20. A papal line


  1. Staff held in a sort of respect
  2. Satanist's diabolical helper
  3. The administrative centre of somerset
  4. One ford
  5. Treat carefully
  6. The first day or days of the calendar, celebrated as a holiday
  7. ___ collins, buster actor
  8. In mathematics, a positive or negative whole number or zero