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  1. Old papal state and papal law wanting cancan to get round of applause
  2. Councillor, away, working for some bread?
  3. Bus going uphill with councillor adopting one narrow road to host one minor route
  4. Councillor, supported by america, rejecting left-wing activist
  5. Councillor has headgear
  6. Medical organisation regarding councillor in decline
  7. Record answer given by councillor entering race
  8. Councillor that is right for reader of proclamations
  9. Support councillor ahead of awkward deal
  10. Trust councillor's correct
  11. Councillor drinks milky coffee, making loud noise
  12. Check councillor observed outside
  13. Goodness! county councillor finally elected as this?
  14. Councillor captures primate for a lark
  15. Councillor, namely, that is linked to king
  16. Call councillor amid havoc near south london terminal
  17. Bolivian city take action about councillor
  18. Yell: "councillor in the joint!"
  19. Church office, for example, occupied by councillor is ultimately competent
  20. Solitude bill's abandoned to be such a councillor?


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