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  1. Small flute, higher in pitch than a standard flute
  2. Like mozart's flute
  3. Flute competition, e.g.?
  4. Play a flute
  5. Small flute
  6. Word with flute or horn
  7. Flute sound
  8. Simple fipple flute
  9. Small, simple flute
  10. Kind of flute
  11. Saw flute ad-lib, blowing too many notes?
  12. Flute parts
  13. Detestable expression of surprise applied to flute playing
  14. Puts gems on a flute play
  15. Simple flute
  16. Flute part
  17. Flute player
  18. Played a flute in a march
  19. Architectural flute
  20. Small cousin of the flute


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