The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with M.
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Added on Saturday, July 2, 2022
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CODYCROSS Canada Group 1263 Puzzle 3

  1. Fictional doctor who talks to animals
  2. Decorative tapestries or materials, wall
  3. Under , play by dylan thomas set in llareggub
  4. Part of the brain once called the telencephalon
  5. A candid photo taken quickly
  6. Left feedback after a purchase
  7. Type of clover thats lucky
  8. Much admired motown bassist james
  9. Traditional indian inn, often beside a temple
  10. Nickname for platos atlantis
  11. A lens curved out on both sides
  12. Second world war drama, expendable
  13. State that joe biden represented in the senate
  14. Country bordered by only russia and china
  15. Saw , fruit extract used to fight hair loss
  16. Desert dweller with a stinging tail
  17. Sikh place of worship
  18. Another name for dr eggman, sonics rival
  19. Charles babbages invention


  1. Mona lisa
    1. Portrait of somalian vandalised
    2. Portrait of animal so original
  2. Mona lisa
    1. Leonardo da vinci's female masterpiece
  3. Mona lisa
    1. The painting la gioconda is better known as this
  4. Mona  lisa
    1. Da vinci portrait known for its enigmatic smile
    2. Leonardo da vincis 1503 painting


  1. __ gherardini memorable portrait subject
  2. Painting by willem de kooning which is the second most expensive painting ever sold at around 300 million dollars
  3. Painting by leonardo da vinci which is the most expensive painting ever sold at 450.3 million dollars: 2 wds.
  4. Emblem believed to have spiritual significance
  5. Believed with no questions asked
  6. Something many founding fathers believed in
  7. Part of the brain believed to control emotion
  8. Believed without question
  9. Believed
  10. What miss muffet believed
  11. Group of organisms believed to have evolved from a common ancestor
  12. It's generally believed i wasn't in love when messing around - responsibly protected?
  13. It's not to be believed
  14. Not-to-be-believed
  15. Return of transport system? he’s not to be believed
  16. Believed unquestioningly
  17. Substance that alchemists believed could turn base metals into gold
  18. They believed the world w
  19. Stare superstitiously believed to cause harm
  20. Something not to be believed


  1. What is the fruit of a fungus
  2. Extremely bad, awful
  3. To put into groups
  4. To say further
  5. Let’s the issue during our next meeting
  6. Husband roped in to sample traditionally female craft
  7. Where are the boats built
  8. Think before you