CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Painter and activist"

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  1. Tense pose with painter, rising painter
  2. A painter's painter finding another a help
  3. Painter's painter bound to flip about height
  4. Activist bryant
  5. Peace activist wiesel
  6. Transgender rights activist and best-selling author of redefining realness
  7. Womens rights activist mott
  8. Civil rights activist guinier
  9. Activist youth org.
  10. Activist campus org.
  11. Peace activist yoko
  12. 1960s activist hoffman
  13. Civil rights activist ___ helen burroughs
  14. Rock star turned activist
  15. Black activist of the 60'
  16. Singer/activist joan
  17. Activist davis
  18. Civil rights activist ral
  19. Human rights activist bon
  20. Labor activist chavez


  1. Landing preceder
  2. Help to open translation of 'dr no' book
  3. City in new south wales, australia, on the murrumbidgee river
  4. Reacts to pectin
  5. Formal close, in music
  6. Dismissing, sometimes
  7. Used one's dining room
  8. Abbr. in addresses for mobile home parks