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  1. Paille de seigle
  2. An american queue
  3. Stand in a queue for, say
  4. Queue
  5. Queue after q
  6. Records how the british queue?
  7. Queue at the bank?
  8. Mess queue
  9. Some music in hot smoky atmosphere heralding one couple in queue
  10. Rush hour on a street, middle of queue
  11. Queue before q
  12. Jump the queue finally on one leg
  13. Service with a queue
  14. Queue annoyance
  15. Leading the queue
  16. Airport queue
  17. Rushes to back of queue, showing false emotion
  18. Queue of traffic
  19. Where you queue to pay also involving lines taking hours
  20. Queue up with landlord murray to get into groundlings' section


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