The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "P plagiarise digital version"

Added on Wednesday, September 21, 2022

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  1. Softcopy
    1. It¿s not hard for policemen detecting last burglary ¿ it¿s on computer
    2. Thus paper company has sent out man to provide computer info
    3. It's not hard to duplicate what's on computer
    4. Piano number: pc version?
    5. Electronic version of a document
    6. It's not hard for policeman detecting last burglary - it's on computer!


  1. Nazi bodyguard about to plagiarise eastern writers
  2. Gutless swine about to plagiarise writer
  3. Plagiarise - cot
  4. Composer is to plagiarise sound — and noise
  5. Nearly plagiarise quite freely in review
  6. Plagiarise if caught in the army
  7. Plagiarise
  8. Plagiarise — cattle stall
  9. Plagiarise from novel tales
  10. Plagiarise newly-written tales
  11. Don't neglect to plagiarise reporter's work?
  12. Did the author of 'lavengro' plagiarise?
  13. Essayist and editor said to plagiarise?
  14. Plagiarise songs opening and style of delivery
  15. Digital __, those born in age of digital tech
  16. Digital version of a research document
  17. Camera largely replaced by its digital version for short
  18. Digital version perhaps
  19. Digital version of this card game was made in 1989
  20. What's missing (and likely retired) from 2008's version of cluewhat's missing (and likely retired) from 2008's version of clue


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  3. Part of entrance security vital to flat
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