The answer to this crossword puzzle is 14 letters long and begins with C.
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Crossword Answers for "Oxford or cambridge college"

Added on Friday, June 15, 2018


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  1. Corpus christi
    1. Rozzer has run inside crime writer almost catching us in college


  1. Cambridge or oxford college
  2. End component of cambridge college lacking in its oxford counterpart
  3. College of both the oxford and cambridge universities
  4. Ending with oxford or cambridge
  5. Change round model of oxford and cambridge, say?
  6. Oxford and cambridge take part in one
  7. Oxford or cambridge blue, for example? totally on the same wavelength
  8. Sporting row involving cambridge and oxford
  9. Henry viii suspended its teaching at oxford and cambridge in 1535
  10. 'feeder' for oxford and cambridge
  11. Oxford-cambridge game
  12. Perceptive sharpness, placing university in oxford or cambridge, say
  13. Blunders may secure first in oxford and cambridge course
  14. Crew perhaps get tips from oxford, cambridge teams entering thames
  15. Maybe oxford or cambridge stopped stocking books, not as planned
  16. Oxford and cambridge contest
  17. Feeder school for cambridge and oxford
  18. ... rowing for oxford or cambridge?
  19. Keenness of university in oxford or cambridge, say
  20. Jesus fellowships at oxford and cambridge


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