The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Overly solemn"

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  1. Owlish
    1. Giving a hoot?
    2. Wise guy
    3. Like a wise old bird
    4. Likewise, birdy
    5. Wide-eyed and wise-looking
    6. Using old latin in will could be wise or foolish


  1. Overly sentimental or overly wet
  2. Dreamy but not solemn composition
  3. Unusually solemn broadcaster cut short in russian city
  4. Solemn fear
  5. Solemn promise
  6. Solemn pledge
  7. Drink put down after solemn manoeuvres
  8. Solemn responses
  9. Chiefly sad or solemn in nature perhaps?
  10. Solemn — burial place
  11. Solemn promises
  12. Solemn time
  13. Solemn wedding words
  14. Piously solemn
  15. Solemn queen presented bandages
  16. Loyalty has frequently produced solemn promises
  17. Profane, or solemn, expression
  18. Strong language in solemn declaration
  19. Solemn song
  20. Make a solemn request


  1. Abuse of cocaine widespread?
  2. Railway track features
  3. Annual grass with light brown grains
  4. Untie puppy, frequently having a tendency to bite
  5. Short journey with poem in the tube
  6. Begin to give a speech about independent spirit
  7. Box-like container that slides
  8. Theresa - in a mopy huff - flipped over a tendency for reckless spending