CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Overly sentimental or overly wet"

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  1. Soppy
    1. Sentimental
    2. Soaked (in)
    3. Excessively sentimental
    4. Overly sentimental
    5. Maudlin
    6. Outside work agent becomes mawkish


  1. Overly sentimental writers
  2. Overly sentimental
  3. Overly sentimental expression cut short one's social networking
  4. Be overly sentimental
  5. Barman hard on whisky finds last letter overly sentimental
  6. Almost take action against man being overly sentimental
  7. Overly sentimental rock stars?
  8. Informally cliched and overly sentimental - like sore foot?
  9. Argument against stocking right sentimental stuff
  10. Sentimental
  11. Sentimental drunk wearing y-fronts inside out and back to front
  12. It's a sentimental one for short period of time on one of the charts
  13. Excessively sentimental
  14. Writer who specializes in sentimental stories
  15. Something of sentimental value
  16. Slow sentimental song
  17. Tearfully sentimental
  18. Sentimental story
  19. Sentimental song
  20. Sentimental do-gooder


  1. Aristotle in the 20th century
  2. Like the love story in 2013s blue is the warmest color
  3. Grueling kind of race
  4. Something rain might change in brief
  5. Some partygoers
  6. Burn in slang
  7. Ymca leader and peace prize co-nobelist john
  8. Wine-colored