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  1. Outbreak of public anger
  2. In outbreak of anger, waiter smashed pottery
  3. Sudden outbreak of anger
  4. Sudden outbreak of anger or violence
  5. Outbreak of public excitement
  6. '___ leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering': yoda
  7. Wild anger over a point is still anger
  8. Easily annoyed, showing a lot of anger, anger about bill
  9. What to do with 10 across perhaps in anger, but certainly with anger at last
  10. Shows of public anger
  11. Act that shocks public opinion, generates anger
  12. Public display of anger
  13. Tax produces public anger
  14. Public show of anger
  15. Landscape; public display of anger
  16. Public anger
  17. Uncontrolled outbreak
  18. Certain outbreak
  19. King i found covered in outbreak suggestive of debauchery
  20. Early 2000s outbreak, for short


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