The answer to this crossword puzzle is 10 letters long and begins with J

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Ornamental stand for plants"

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  1. Jardiniere
    1. Pot or container i found in cafe on end of table
    2. Container for the display of flowers


  1. 'it can stand, but can you stand anything so fierce? (4)'
  2. Stand-in for stand-up in good cause
  3. "just as long as you stand, stand ___"
  4. Can one stand anything so beastly that can stand?
  5. Can one stand seeing it stand on its hind legs?
  6. They stand, are standing, do stand
  7. Herbaceous ornamental
  8. Poisonous ornamental
  9. Fish in an ornamental pond
  10. Ornamental frame chipped on both sides in lumber room, perhaps
  11. Ornamental crown
  12. Ornamental tuft
  13. Ornamental pond fish
  14. Ornamental garden installation
  15. Colorful ornamental with a trunk
  16. Large upper room with eastern ornamental pattern
  17. Ornamental tag
  18. Ornamental framework the french placed round upper room
  19. Ornamental jug
  20. Ornamental band


  1. Oscar madison type
  2. Word before "so!" and "not!"
  3. Loses footing
  4. Like some zoo exhibits
  5. It's listed as "(annoyed grunt)" in "the simpsons" scripts
  6. Mention, with ''out''
  7. Farm tool in "weird al" yankovic's "fat" video
  8. They're often returned in autumn