The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Org. for those 50+"

Added on Monday, May 7, 2018

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  1. Aarp
    1. Grp. founded by a former
    2. Seniors org
    3. D.c. lobby for seniors
    4. Advocate for the 50-and-over crowd
    5. Seniors' grp.
    6. Org. for boomers, now


  1. Dish in a lab used for examining cultures (those are science terms for those who haven't studied science)
  2. Those too eager to find faults with those looking for bugs
  3. Explains what it was like for those in the 90s to one of those with no work and out of a job for good
  4. One of those options on census is not to be reviewed, as one of those will certainly ring a bell
  5. It's an intensive business for those into rainbow taking first flight with those looking after the animals
  6. Those against work, and those sitting
  7. Those in 20 down produced baguettes for those who like a bit of bling?
  8. What the don gave to those in chicago, for one, is instructive to those working around the pole
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  10. End conflict that separates those for from those against
  11. Those looking for their land back from ireland include republican and those armed to the teeth presumably
  12. Those doing a bit of dealing lose head with those working in the house
  13. One of those in 21 down is in barbados getting little acknowledgment for one of those who rally
  14. One of those in the yard takes point by modern columnists heading off with those on the march
  15. You expect those running this are milking it for those holding the jerseys
  16. Fair amount of the waiter's money is divided fifty-fifty by those on board and those treading water?
  17. Musical drops last tune and last melody for those types who stir things for those interested in chips
  18. Predicts where the seats go for those leaving and for those returning
  19. The spear-carriers perhaps with half of those opening 14 across and all those in 24 across
  20. Those in boxer's corners for those throwing fights away perhaps?


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