The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with H.
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Crossword Answers for "Ones taken by the dancing, not love"

Added on Sunday, April 11, 2021

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  1. Hate
    1. Bad feeling?
    2. I ___ quotation: emerson
    3. More than a peeve
    4. Bigot's emotion
    5. Despise
    6. Intensely dislike


  1. Dancing man in "dancing l
  2. There's nothing in males dancing for her, dancing with veils
  3. A dancing bear a russian leader dismissed from square dancing position
  4. Goodman who serves as head judge on both 'dancing with the stars' and its fancy u.k. counterpart, 'strictly come dancing'
  5. Dancing man in 'dancing lady'
  6. Cancels dancing in full and finishes cancelling start of dancing
  7. __ dancing, scottish solo dancing
  8. Airer of strictly come dancing the precursor to americas dancing with the stars
  9. It could measure high pitch frequency taken from folk dancing with zither
  10. Boredom for everyone taken in by half-feminine dancing
  11. Pass on name taken from dancing wenches
  12. Cut the top off what may be taken for where it may be taken
  13. Taken on and taken off without reason
  14. Take, and be taken by, someone with whom you're taken
  15. One might have taken 2 down from this, but not taken aback, by the sound of it
  16. Has a good time being taken around then taken aback
  17. What someone who says none taken hasn't taken
  18. Arm or leg? nothing more needed for type of dancing
  19. ___ goodman, longtime judge on dancing with the stars
  20. One-named swedish singer with the grammy-nominated song dancing on my own


  1. Attach as with string
  2. Like a haunted house
  3. Prof.'s degree usually
  4. Wichita-to-memphis dir.
  5. Discuss ad nauseam
  6. A stressed electrician may need an __
  7. Contradictory prefix
  8. Keenly awaiting release of a poem by phd in translation