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  1. One who catches up eventually … or a hint to the ends of 17- 30- and 46-across
  2. Are, eventually
  3. What papers eventually do for chicken
  4. Eventually become
  5. Ugly duckling, eventually
  6. Eventually
  7. Where a marathon runner may eventually succeed?
  8. Eventually located people within thailand's borders
  9. Annoyed, eventually
  10. Nits, eventually
  11. Woolly bear, eventually
  12. Head of bid's going to accept american client eventually
  13. Opposing troops some cavalrymen eventually pushed back
  14. Armyworm, eventually
  15. Clay, eventually
  16. Oocytes, eventually
  17. Acorn, eventually
  18. It turns eventually
  19. Time fuse eventually found by soldiers
  20. Like marathon participant, eventually


  1. Gains again, as trust
  2. ''smaller dog'' constellation
  3. Charles ___, hero of 'a tale of two cities'
  4. Classic chevy model
  5. The best place to pull the north to
  6. Business headquarters, for many
  7. Legendary old west outlaw
  8. Remotely situated