CROSSWORD Answers FOR "One up, we hear - on course for this cup?"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Ryder
    1. Actress winona of “stranger things”
    2. Winona of "girl, interrup
    3. U-haul competitor
    4. U-haul rival
    5. Golf's ___ cup
    6. Family name in "brideshea


  1. Damp course laid across another sort of course
  2. Priced course by course
  3. Course for course preparers
  4. Off course of course as that's flat
  5. Course signalling second course
  6. Course-prep course
  7. Subject of the lyric 'a horse is a horse, of course, of course'
  8. "a horse, of course, of course"
  9. Of course, of course, they're on the table
  10. Main course is english course with road obscured?
  11. Abruptly go off course
  12. A doctor provided time off course
  13. Aids in golf course maintenance
  14. Course after trig
  15. College course division
  16. Dinner course
  17. Golf course standard
  18. Game played on a small course with many obstacles
  19. Wander off course
  20. Changed course quickly, at sea


  1. ___ sedgwick 1960s it girl
  2. Health food to eat with bulk
  3. ___ style awards (annual honors since 1997)
  4. Head leaving riddle for teacher
  5. The telecaster's a lawbreaker
  6. Turn on us president
  7. It follows it might have to be taken out
  8. Unrestricted business