The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "One nottingham forest novelist"

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  1. Isherwood
    1. Author christopher whose writing inspired 'cabaret'
    2. Christopher who wrote "the berlin stories," inspiration for the play "i am a camera"
    3. Novelist is with crowd outside court
    4. Was he a camera?
    5. A thespian, conductor and novelist
    6. Pseudery shown by religious head ringing about wine


  1. Writer one associates with nottingham forest
  2. John, nottingham forest, coventry city and southampton forward
  3. 1990-2000 nottingham forest fc midfielder; burnley assistant manager since 2012
  4. Food from the forest trees up on board from the forest trees
  5. Historically, land on the edge of a forest, eg in dibden ____, on the edge of the new forest
  6. Did not stand in the forest for what comes from the forest
  7. River through nottingham, england
  8. Nottingham nursery needs
  9. Nottingham villain
  10. Baron working to ensnare hood in nottingham
  11. Nottingham's river
  12. Liverpool-to-nottingham d
  13. Nottingham __, football club
  14. Standard offer of a choice of ends for nottingham
  15. Nottingham is on it
  16. Nottingham official robin hood´s nemesis
  17. Knock down, in nottingham
  18. Nottingham cricket ground
  19. ''nonsense,'' in nottingham
  20. Nottingham and lincoln do this for sheep


  1. Admiring work
  2. Accusatory shout
  3. Road-map feature
  4. Made easter eggs
  5. Gael's gal
  6. Like butterfly nets
  7. Schedule stat
  8. Pig, perhaps