The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with N

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "One may trend on twitter"

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  1. Newsitem
    1. Just like that!
    2. Story in the paper
    3. Piece of important information
    4. Piece of information in paper etc
    5. Piece of topical information
    6. Lot of what you get in the irish times


  1. Twitter trend symbol
  2. Twitter forwards on twitter
  3. Warming trend
  4. Current trend in opinion alec and tim manipulated
  5. Motor trend job
  6. Motor trend's 1968 cars o
  7. Hippie-influenced fashion trend
  8. Following a trend, but not very well
  9. Fashion trend featuring w
  10. Support corporation describing beginning of trend over finger spinner
  11. Stop a prevailing trend
  12. Shift motion; trend
  13. It's jumped on when following a trend
  14. Heathen trend spread instantly
  15. Popular trend good for paris - and with witty person joining in
  16. Improving trend
  17. Nostalgic fashion trend
  18. Passing trend
  19. Trend to consume edible less filling dish
  20. Motor trend topics


  1. Slides while seated
  2. Walking-on-air feeling
  3. Possessed in one's hands
  4. It's attached to a mast in storms
  5. Masterful server
  6. 2008 brad pitt role
  7. Éliminer e
  8. Acted as an informant, in slang