The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "From one direction, point to the back of the ship"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Eastern
    1. Old airline with the slogan we have to earn our wings every day
    2. Oriental crane ultimately like seabird
    3. Part of e.t.
    4. Sweetheart seen with backward oriental
    5. Mid-september before a sailor's back from asia, perhaps
    6. From china, e.g.


  1. The point of this is that if you cut the top point off it's till got a point
  2. Point to point's without point
  3. Direction to which a pointer may point
  4. Point in the wrong direction
  5. Point in either direction
  6. Point in the proper direction
  7. Low point, coming from barcelona direction
  8. Change direction, there's a point to it
  9. Toe point in that direction, perhaps?
  10. Point in the right direction?
  11. It can point you in the right direction
  12. I run after man in the wrong direction -- a low point
  13. Bygone point-to-point communication
  14. Point a to point b and ba
  15. It's not about point-to-point in france where someone might do it to get out of tight space
  16. Just look for blood group column at point-to-point
  17. Northeasternmost point of asia and siberia's closest point (55 miles) to the us
  18. Mention it after point-to-point, winner has his life's work sold in 15 down perhaps
  19. Organised the case for getting a bite at point-to-point for consumers on the run?
  20. Curses crazy backward point-to-point


  1. Euclidean geometry's ___ postulate
  2. Lesley gore hit, "you don't ___"
  3. Tries to win the affection of
  4. Frat party wrap
  5. "ask ___ what your country can doã  . . ."
  6. Scare slightly
  7. Cold, at a 37-/40-across
  8. Rolling over, so to speak