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  1. One causing affliction or suffering
  2. Disadvantaged lions suffering painful affliction
  3. A state of suffering, the result of affliction
  4. One causing affliction
  5. Typical letters about current nervous affliction
  6. Agent causing intense suffering with dirt and gossip about celebrity
  7. Causing or suffering pain
  8. One causing great suffering; whip
  9. One causing great suffering
  10. Person/thing causing great suffering
  11. One deliberately causing great suffering
  12. Fighter aircraft came down after losing tail, causing suffering?
  13. Work of a kind that's causing suffering over time
  14. Person causing suffering to soldiers in hills
  15. Stress causing spasm he's suffering, i held
  16. Person/thing causing great suffering; whip
  17. Sadistic, causing suffering
  18. Conduct causing non-physical suffering
  19. Not causing suffering, like spaniels
  20. Job for resigned mp causing worry and 'orrible suffering


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