The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with V

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "One can't be forced to work"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Volunteer
    1. Offer
    2. Rule on vet upset reservist?
    3. Offer to tour elven ruins
    4. He/she is worth twenty pressed men
    5. Join the peace corps, e.g
    6. Unpaid worker


  1. Having forced euro entry, one can compete no longer
  2. Drink can forced under tooth
  3. He can stand for one, so can i, and so, from what we hear, can you
  4. "can ___? can i? can i?"
  5. "can i? can i? can i?" e.g
  6. Brought before court around end of october, being forced to beg?
  7. Be forced to apologise
  8. Being forced into a small
  9. Salesman forced tina to put another coat on
  10. Forced, in a way
  11. Forced walk with arms pinned behind the back
  12. Forced to leave home
  13. One forced to take the blame
  14. Is forced to backpedal, say
  15. How one might be forced to accept a witch?
  16. Kinky orgasm, naughtier partners forced to come together in this
  17. Loner forced to join up
  18. Forced (apart)
  19. Forced aft at sea and taken away
  20. Very forced smile concealing charlie's gaffe


  1. Tetra- + tetra-
  2. __ brasi, "the godfather" hatchet man
  3. Sharpest part of a hoe?
  4. State of lacking warmth or emotion
  5. Off. above a midshipman
  6. It covers the constitutional amendment process
  7. Seventh un head's homeland
  8. Name yelled by stanley