The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with R.
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Crossword Answers for "On a bike, ones headed north, east or west"

Added on Sunday, April 11, 2021

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  1. Riding
    1. Hood lead-in
    2. Dependent
    3. Division of yorkshire
    4. Harassing
    5. Travelling on horseback
    6. 1695 european tale little red __ hood


  1. Bike and bike to place of learning
  2. Headed north, by northwes
  3. Headed north, by northwest
  4. Org. headed by oliver north
  5. Org. once headed by oliver north
  6. A chart covering north america looking north - country further south?
  7. State: north american state, though not north american
  8. Bay __ bight at north of nz's north island
  9. Mrs __, i'm sorry i haven't a clue correspondent in north wales?mrs __, i'm sorry i haven't a clue correspondent in north wales?
  10. It may be drawn to the north from the north
  11. 'may be festive to the north, but not in the direction of the north (7)'
  12. Resort of north wales north of st asaph
  13. Around the north-east one gets a nil return for what the north produces
  14. From the north it gets drawn to the north
  15. 90 degrees north, for the north pole
  16. Boundary between the north temperate and north frigid zones
  17. It's north of north dakota
  18. It may be ruled over the north from the north
  19. Stately barge going north (north, not west)
  20. Somewhere in the north (not the north)


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  2. Litter peeps
  3. Part of plymouth, miles away from home
  4. Part of body shown in photo, enlarged
  5. Part of eye in centre of head behind ears, perhaps
  6. Cougar maker, for short
  7. Part of a limb farthest from the torso
  8. Partial shadow