CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Old morality play hero"

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  1. Everyman
    1. Typical person
    2. Lines written by graduate in impartial morality play
    3. Typical person (for himself?)
    4. The ordinary or typical person - there's a medieval play about him
    5. Representative human
    6. Average joe so consumed by celebrity making a comeback


  1. Believing self-interest is the basis of morality
  2. Person with inverted morality
  3. Lines written by graduate in impartial morality play
  4. Thomas aquinas book about morality
  5. Overconfident morality tale critter
  6. Schools in morality
  7. The doctrine rejects the supernatural in favour of man-based morality
  8. English start to collaborate in this study of morality
  9. And here in rome is a singular morality
  10. Little number on morality pulls up jean¿s white socks
  11. Morality or kindness
  12. The doctrine of man-based morality
  13. Student of morality
  14. A potty poet's morality tale
  15. Basis of morality
  16. With 2-down, book that includes the line 'conventionality is not morality'
  17. Centre of operations devoid of morality
  18. Offensive to morality or decency
  19. Bunyan's morality
  20. Morality judges


  1. Intolerant; ungenerous
  2. Snow white and the seven ___, film
  3. Pair is going north in great britain, more or less to climb with equipment
  4. Bearing the burden of being very unpopular
  5. Robert —, poet
  6. English chess player who challenged garry kasparov for the world chess championship in 1993
  7. Notices a problem when he’s having a paddle
  8. Pad finally getting bye, perhaps on left or on right