The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Old jacket sailor put back on board, xl"

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  1. Occipital
    1. Pertaining to the lower s
    2. 'the skull bone' - a class topic i put out
    3. __ lobe: brain area
    4. Pertaining to the lower skull bone
    5. Relating to the bone in the back of the head
  2. Occipital
    1. Pertaining to the back of the head


  1. A sailor's jacket or marijuana cigarette
  2. Sailor's jacket of old
  3. Sailor's jacket
  4. Sailor's wool jacket
  5. With 12-across, sailor's heavy jacket
  6. Forty on board taking jacket before work
  7. Sauce from sailor with sailor's sweetheart
  8. Bad-tempered sailor on board again
  9. Sailor to finish the game on board
  10. Sailor on board, a real pal
  11. A sailor can't take this on board
  12. Sailor on board with celebs
  13. Board sailor
  14. Film sailor turning green on board steamer
  15. With sailor's termination, pine perhaps about death for colourful character on board?
  16. Sailor having scrap with element on board
  17. Sailor provides check on board
  18. It adds zest to meals for sailor on board
  19. Time taken by qualified sailor to get item on board
  20. Sailor, the parisian on board ship lacking sparkle


  1. "play ___ for me" (eastwood film)
  2. Auction buyers
  3. 'sure about that?' sounds
  4. *eisenhower became one in 1944
  5. Just defeated, with 'out'
  6. Ship-docking area
  7. Often rolled-over investment, for short
  8. 'potemkin' port