The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with C

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Old gold coin equal to a sovereign overseas!"

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  1. Cuppa
    1. Joe amount
    2. Spot of tea, in leeds
    3. After competition each year, a drink with jam and bread
    4. It gets drunk secretary to hold up bit of lingerie
    5. Three coppers and a mug?
    6. A policeman keeling over has swallowed revolting drink


  1. Equal to, on equal footing
  2. Bygone sovereign
  3. Princess –––, younger sister of albert ii, sovereign prince of monaco
  4. Sovereign ruler
  5. Traveller in capital backing sovereign
  6. Sovereign, say, entertaining american relative
  7. Sovereign's domain
  8. Savoie sovereign
  9. Islamic sovereign
  10. Mint coin; like a sovereign?
  11. Explain being angry about sovereign's desire
  12. English sovereign's title (abbr)
  13. Sovereign country was russia's breadbasket
  14. The son of a sovereign or king
  15. Sovereign ruler of an empire a monarch
  16. Small sovereign principality in pyrenees region
  17. The official residence of a sovereign
  18. Sovereign state run by an elected individual
  19. Czar sovereign king sultan
  20. Area ruled over by sovereign princes of austria


  1. Smaller bills
  2. Item in a man's bathroom
  3. Cave man who got a duplicated letter from fine gael
  4. T. aikman attended it
  5. Extremely small in size, extent, degree or amount (adjective)
  6. Kneeling cushion
  7. Sign of joy
  8. ''braveheart'' producer