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  1. Alphabet that gave us the word 'alphabet'
  2. Former gaelic clothes woven with loom at first
  3. Gaelic tongue
  4. Gaelic "oh my!"
  5. Scots gaelic
  6. Bard of gaelic legend
  7. Gaelic language
  8. Highlands gaelic
  9. Talk of the gaelic
  10. Gaelic "gee!"
  11. Scottish gaelic
  12. Hero/poet of gaelic legen
  13. Irish gaelic
  14. Legendary gaelic poet
  15. Some local gaelic seaweeds perhaps
  16. Gaelic spirit whose waili
  17. Redecorate gaelic bar with symbols for numbers
  18. Heroic poet of gaelic leg
  19. Legendary gaelic bard
  20. Delete article in irish gaelic


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  3. Mobster needs beer having eaten chicken
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