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  1. Object forcibly propelled at a target
  2. Disposing of circular object, daughter's brought in a circular object
  3. One account of the object one will object to
  4. Behold an object to which one would object strongly
  5. Propelled a boat
  6. Boats propelled by poles
  7. Propelled a canoe
  8. Propelled, as a raft
  9. Propelled, as a gondola
  10. Propelled like a rowing boat
  11. Propelled a shell
  12. Propelled
  13. Propelled, in a way
  14. Rider-propelled vehicle,
  15. Propelled a lifeboat
  16. A cylindrical self-propelled weapon typically launched underwater from ships or submarines
  17. Winter transportation often propelled by gravity
  18. Warheads propelled by a weapon
  19. Propelled something using hand force
  20. Stovepipe rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon


  1. The history of __, h g wells story about a draper
  2. Moving the body rhythmically to music
  3. With stones removed, e.g. __ olives or dates
  4. Kit, supplies needed for doing certain tasks
  5. Toboggans, sleighs
  6. In diabetes, the blood __ levels are too high
  7. Pepperoni and salami for example
  8. Colorful parrots that are affectionate in couples