The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Nuts out of box - they may contain chemicals"

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  1. Testtubes
    1. Lab glassware
    2. Lab equipment twice set back without objection on reflection
    3. Laboratory equipment is twice set up without objection being raised
    4. Trials about public transport in the lab
    5. Holders of solutions
    6. Laboratory equipment ends up in river


  1. Large bottle to contain chemicals - boa cry (anag)
  2. Things that contain 59-across that contain 59-across that …
  3. Analysts finding measure of radiation in old chemicals
  4. Chemicals proscribed by 70s legislation
  5. Giant in chemicals
  6. Engineers show what chemicals may do
  7. Banned chemicals
  8. Chemicals giant
  9. Caustic chemicals
  10. Remove deposits of chemicals on a cooking item
  11. Reveal a photo by treating film with chemicals
  12. Using chemicals to make something whiter
  13. When chemicals transform from one set to another
  14. Burns are __ caused by heat or chemicals
  15. Eyewear to protect those who work with chemicals
  16. Banned chemicals still found in the environment
  17. Chemicals providing essential colours from what we hear
  18. Drain-unclogging chemicals
  19. Missouri-based chemicals company
  20. Low-ph chemicals


  1. Hold back from relaxation, then shower
  2. Fleet _ ; us folk band
  3. Road-edge spoiled, with battered corners
  4. Sir ben —; actor who won an academy award for his role as mahatma gandhi in 1982
  5. Admen had styles personally crafted
  6. Judge encounters advocate, finally, when returning
  7. Agitated, under pressure
  8. Auditor’s punished for discovery