The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with A


Do you know the answer?


  1. Acreage
    1. Area of land
    2. Land
    3. Figure that can describe a lot
    4. Lot statistic
    5. A native american owns a good amount of land
    6. Area using this unit of land measurement


  1. From outskirts of swindon, inaccurate informer
  2. Submission originally reprinted inaccurate condition of stock
  3. Tragically inaccurate adj
  4. Indicates compass direction's inaccurate
  5. Very inaccurate shot
  6. Utter what's inaccurate, supported by conservatives
  7. Loads of praise, inaccurate, bringing illusory happiness
  8. Extremely rare, inaccurate statements from banks?
  9. Give up using catapult that is inaccurate
  10. Defective or inaccurate
  11. In debt due to an inaccurate tax return?
  12. Caught, perhaps, being inaccurate -- a long way off
  13. Rough sketch of luton that's inaccurate
  14. Timetable book old rail company had was inaccurate
  15. Features article is inaccurate, by the way, as it sounds like what those eyes in back of their heads do (4,3,5,3,)
  16. Two inaccurate articles about ilium conflict? for shame!
  17. Not consider inaccurate measurer
  18. Word for nondescript articles that's now inaccurate
  19. Biased, like inaccurate accounts
  20. Inaccurate remarks girl intended to be heard, going round gallery


  1. ____ played jacob marley's ghost in the 1951 film scrooge
  2. Disc, in my opinion, contains one perfect example
  3. Promote new form of danger for the greens
  4. It was different to middle part
  5. Husband brought woman back a dye
  6. Put in difficult position, our entering nick is worthy of respect
  7. Movie rating organization
  8. Small circular fort used by britain for coastal defence at the time of the napoleonic wars