The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Note that sounds like c"

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  1. Bsharp
    1. Note that sounds like a direction to think
    2. C substitute
    3. Equivalent of c natural
    4. C's equivalent
    5. C equivalent
    6. Note equivalent to c


  1. Sounds like cook? sounds like ass!
  2. Lucky this sounds like sounds in church
  3. Sounds as if there's forty in good health - sounds like a good buy like 27 across
  4. Sounds as if it's holy and sounds all right
  5. Sounds a little sleepy, and sounds dear the way it acts
  6. Historically, sounds like drumm at home for mail? sounds handy too
  7. Sounds like something actor in anchorman will do in performance to compare sounds
  8. Sounds cold, sounds hot, is place
  9. Sounds as if sweet susan sounds cocky
  10. Sounds as if they inherit the pleasent sounds
  11. The girl sounds bad and sounds sad in the blood, too
  12. Sounds as if one's steed sounds rough
  13. Sounds contemptuous, but at the double sounds sheepish
  14. 'sounds big, sounds sad, is over the canal (6,2,5)'
  15. Blacksmiths' sounds
  16. Brand name that sounds li
  17. Barking sounds
  18. Beach sounds
  19. One making dove sounds
  20. Cow sounds


  1. Angels, maybe
  2. Nellie —, 1976 olympic team, floor exercise and vault gold medal-winning artistic gymnast
  3. During holiday atmosphere, breaking into song at kfc for one
  4. Ointment containing wool fat
  5. Name of man in charge stocking small battery
  6. Writing job
  7. Black-eyed ---, north american plant which has orange-yellow flowers with brown-black centres
  8. Advice from prometheus?