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  1. Musical note raised a semitone above natural pitch, indicated by the sign #
  2. Ninth semitone of the solfeo: hyph.
  3. Let down by rising a semitone twice?
  4. Semitone
  5. Throw out by a fraction of a semitone
  6. Musical symbol that when placed before a note lowers it in pitch by a semitone
  7. Accidental in music that raises the pitch of the following note by one chromatic semitone
  8. Utter in a semitone?
  9. 12 note musical scale, each a semitone apart
  10. Tiny music interval, smaller than a semitone
  11. Voice that's raised, excessively raised, after hypocritical opening
  12. Raised havoc - always raised at a winter festival
  13. Words accompanying a raised hand, maybe
  14. Raised railways
  15. Raised to the third power
  16. Name of woman a cleric raised
  17. Skirt edge raised to see it
  18. Raised some vegetables?
  19. Actors taking part? it leads to voices being raised
  20. Underwear, i say, raised suspicion


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  2. Little old star, no posh god
  3. Logical basis for a course of action
  4. Large leaf taken from soil often flipped over
  5. Layer of clay
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