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  1. Person in chair varying poses for painter, ultimately
  2. Stand-by counter with varying heat for beverage
  3. Not varying
  4. Old car manufacturer's sierra built with varying metal front and rear
  5. Court workers involved in varying neat legislative move
  6. Varying wildly
  7. Guitarist's effects unit which mixes two signals, one with a varying delay
  8. Describes the varying lengths of skirts
  9. People of varying ages provide k elly with food
  10. Tinker grabs old violin, varying this in playful manner
  11. Possibly varying art form to make easy profit
  12. Opportunity to make money from strangely varying art
  13. Woman with varying roles in arthurian legend
  14. Means of varying pay etc in relation to other factors
  15. Device for varying the intensity of a light
  16. Varying reports about army and protective equipment
  17. Ponder varying hydrogen in body chemical
  18. Varying tones are to vibrate sympathetically
  19. Subject to sharply varying moods
  20. I have medical men around of varying types


  1. One who fights over secretarys shredder output
  2. One translating latin, a roman, perhaps
  3. One that kills headless chicken, potentially?
  4. One rescuing volunteers eaten up by ’orrible savage
  5. One repeatedly has trapped gas?
  6. One taking part in a game
  7. One trading in derby or in leicester?
  8. One was impressed by an old typewriter