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  1. "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours," as the saying goes (3,4,4,8,7)
  2. __ quo, you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours
  3. From scratch
  4. Scratch cause
  5. Scratch, as a cat might a
  6. Scratch left on a table?
  7. Scratch the surface
  8. Scratch or dent
  9. Start from scratch
  10. Not made from scratch, say
  11. Like some scratch-off lottery tickets
  12. Scratch the "2 legit 2 qu
  13. Scratch target
  14. Old scratch with the
  15. Come up to scratch
  16. Scratch on a gem, e.g.
  17. Scratch inducer
  18. Scratch or grope around
  19. Starts from scratch
  20. Just scratch the surface?


  1. Jellyfish appendage
  2. Outlet for international travelers
  3. Stomach issue
  4. Cable type that may plug into a monitor: abbr.
  5. Town hall meeting attendees
  6. Required game payment
  7. Inventory and cash
  8. Pots and such