The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Not openly stated"

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  1. Insecret
    1. Behind closed doors
    2. Overtly
    3. Six-footer entertains soldier surreptitiously
    4. On the sly, the little creature again comes in
    5. Nobody keeps soldiers under cover
    6. About to break into fashionable school under cover


  1. Stated openly
  2. Openly stated
  3. Tuck’s description as stated by main producer of fast food
  4. Stated a point of view
  5. Not expressly stated
  6. Clearly stated, rather than implied
  7. Stated emphatically
  8. Clearly stated
  9. Stated to be the case
  10. Fully stated
  11. Location of stated exhibition
  12. Permitted to back one politician? it’s suggested, but not stated
  13. Not before a stated time
  14. As stated, i will reach small landmass
  15. Acts of political violence for a stated aim
  16. Publicly stated, sworn
  17. Cost met out of cash, as stated
  18. Meant though not stated directly
  19. Specified, stated
  20. Stated with authority


  1. Mediterranean port in southern lebanon
  2. Cordial note concerning a girl
  3. Woman shows anger about nothing - she's one of these?
  4. Redesign and sell soft canine cleaner
  5. Department of central france; capital tours
  6. Us gambling city
  7. Narrow headland
  8. Detective having daughter carried out