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  1. To put sheen on hair, i disentangled grips
  2. Disentangled
  3. Removing last of clothes, tried sex act in new positions, then disentangled
  4. Tangled or disentangled
  5. Become disentangled from a french party on left
  6. Cod line disentangled from top of cap
  7. Untwisted disentangled
  8. Old cat tried, when entangled, to get disentangled
  9. Having been straightened, disentangled


  1. The pharmacists met at a …
  2. 61-down for one
  3. Despondent state
  4. Boy band with the 2000 hit bye bye bye
  5. Have chills, say
  6. Not just stand there
  7. Sports tiebreakers, for short
  8. Explorer on mars