The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with E.
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Added on Wednesday, May 2, 2018


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  1. Econ
    1. Business subj.
    2. Study of some bubbles?: a
    3. College major, briefly
    4. Taxing subject, briefly?
    5. Class for a future m.b.a
    6. College course, briefly


  1. Polish-french scientist who won the 1903 nobel prize in physics and the 1911 nobel prize in chemistry (2 wds.)
  2. J m 1983 booker prize winner for life & times of michael k; 2003 winner of the nobel prize in literature
  3. Nobel of the nobel prizes
  4. Nobel peace prize city
  5. Israeli prime minister and nobel peace prize winner, d. 1992
  6. ___ walcott, nobel prize-winning poet
  7. Kim ___-jung, recipient of the 2000 nobel peace prize
  8. Spiritual leader with a nobel peace prize
  9. Nobel prize-winning u.n.
  10. Nobel prize category: abb
  11. President awarded the 2009 nobel peace prize
  12. Discovery of wilhelm roentgen, which earned him the first nobel prize in physics in 1901
  13. President who won the 2009 nobel peace prize
  14. Le duc ___ decliner of the 1973 nobel peace prize
  15. Youngest-ever nobel prize recipient
  16. Nobel prize-winning daughter of the curies
  17. Us president, 1919 nobel peace prize winner
  18. Winner of two grammys and a nobel peace prize
  19. Many nobel prize winners
  20. He declined a nobel prize


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