The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Nightly news segment"

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  1. Sports
    1. Newspaper section
    2. Crew and others
    3. Wears jauntily
    4. Curling and hurling
    5. Physical activities
    6. __ illustrated magazine known for swimsuit issue


  1. *nightly news show segment
  2. Host of a nightly tv show
  3. Jay once seen nightly
  4. Nightly comic
  5. Nightly tv presence begin
  6. Letterman's nightly list
  7. Trump's nightly tweeting starts to get explosive
  8. Nightly "newshour" airer
  9. Twice nightly? that's more than enough for old people
  10. Nightly tv star beginning
  11. Nightly monologue deliver
  12. War memorial at ypres; last post is played nightly
  13. Nightly tv fare
  14. Nightly news snippet
  15. Nightly telecast
  16. Source of amusement nightly, parking a convertible
  17. Twelve groups making nightly appearances
  18. Nightly news graphic
  19. Perform a nightly ritual
  20. Phrase in conceited jill's nightly prayer?


  1. Bbc documentary series hosted by neil oliver and nicholas crane
  2. Play golf with olympian, getting thrashed
  3. Person briefly in the office gets man captivated
  4. Sad song in matrix about neo's heart
  5. After initially swallowing ecstasy tablet when drunk, this may save your life
  6. She foresaw conservative fool with gunmen
  7. Affirmative gestures
  8. Text manager providing rocks for building