The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Nicolas __, former french president"

Added on Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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  1. Sarkozy
    1. Leader of republic bringing two islands close to monarchy
    2. Chirac's successor
    3. President who is snide about english-speaking nation
  2. Sarkozy
    1. French president with hungarian ancestry
  3. Sarkozy
    1. French president who married carla bruni
    2. Nicolas , president of france 2007 12


  1. Carla — singer and actress and wife of former french president nicolas sarkozy
  2. French president nicolas
  3. French president nicolas sarkozy's wife
  4. French president who succeeded nicolas sarkozy
  5. Carla —, singer-actress who married french president nicolas sarkozy in 2008
  6. Nicolás __, president of venezuela
  7. President of venezuela elected in 2013: nicolás __
  8. President of france from 2007 to 2012: nicolas __
  9. Nicolas, president of venezuela
  10. Nicolas , president of france 2007 12
  11. Only president to serve as both vice president and president without being elected to either office
  12. French incredible sulk footballer nicolas __
  13. Nicolas --, french painter (1594-1665)
  14. Joseph-nicolas --, french astronomer (1688-1738)
  15. Nicolas ___, 17th-century french classical painter
  16. Nicolas --, french marshal who led many campaigns under napoleon i
  17. Nicolas --, french chef and confectioner, the inventor of airtight food preservation
  18. Nicolas jean-de-dieu ___, french general and statesman who served as prime minister of france three times
  19. Nicolas --, french chemist who discovered how to manufacture soda ash from common salt
  20. Nicolas __, french court painter to louis xiii


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